George I The King of great Britain

Date of Birth:     28 May 1660

Place of Birth:     Roman Empire

Father:     Ernest Augustus

Mother:     Sophia of the Palatinate

Children:     George II of great Britian, Sophia of Hanover

Grandparents:     Elizabath Stuart , Queen of Bohemia

Predecessor:      Anne

Successor:     George II

Date of Death:     22 June 1727

Religion:     Protestant


The baby born in Osnabruck that day, christened Georg Ludwig and identified within the family as Gorgen, began life with two distinct benefits. He was born and bred a Protestant and descended within the feminine line from the royal line of Stuart, which regained its English and Scottish thrones within the year of his birth. His maternal granny was James I's eldest female offspring Elizabeth, the romantic 'Winter Queen' of geographical area. Her twelfth kid, usually the Lady Sophia, married Ernst August of Brunswick-Luneberg in 1658 when she was twenty-seven. Intelligent and cultivated, a disciple of music, opera, and philosophy, she fell headlong crazy with him on their dark, and Gurgen was their initial kid. The Brunswick-Lunebergs dominated two duchies, Brunswick-Grubenhagen and Hanover. Ernst August was the youngest of 4 brothers and, on the face of it, had an inauspicious future. However, as things puzzled, he became Duke of Hanover in 1679. He achieved his ambition of creating Hanover and the Holy Empire's citizens before his death in 1698. Duchess Sophia thought her very little Görgen' beautiful as AN angel'; however, not several would later share her opinion. Short with bulbous blue eyes, a pointy nose, and a pale complexion, he inheritable very little of his mother's intellectual ability and few of her interests except for a love of music. He would be an admirer and patron of Handel and her zeal for walking. His principal amusements were looking and intake; from age fifteen, below his father's command, he served courageously in wars against the French and started to show a talent for generalship. Georg Ludwig additionally shared his father's craving for ladies. In 1676 he fathered AN illegitimate son by one among the family's governesses, and by 1680 it was time he was married. His father thought of blue blood Anne (the future Queen Anne) as a bride, although however so much this was ever a heavy proposition has been questioned. Georg Ludwig visited European countries, and Charles II introduced him to Anne; however, she appeared to possess taken against him on sight, and the plan went no. Instead, when much maneuvering, he was betrothed to at least one of his cousins, Sophia Dorothea of Celle. They were married in November 1682, once she was sixteen and he was twenty-two. His mother, Lady Sophia, was proud of the bride's selection, and the young couple was happy. Sophia Dorothea was pregnant once Görgen went off to fight the Turks outside the Austrian capital in 1683. They bore him their initial kid, Georg August, the longer term George II, at intervals a year of their wedding. Things failed to go therefore well later. Sophia Dorothea died to bear another kid in 1686. Though her husband was away fighting abundant of the time, it is as if his ardor for her had cooled. The new baby was a female offspring, Sophia Dorothea, later to be Queen of geographical area and the mother of Frederick the nice. There have been no a lot of youngsters and Sophia Dorothea; World Health Organization had started telling her friends that she and her husband now not cared for every different, began a flirt with a dashing young blade referred to as Count von Königsmarck, that by 1692 had become a full-blown romance. The combine unwisely wrote one another revealing letters, a number of that came into the hands of Ernst August; World Health Organization warned Königsmarck off; however, by 1694, they were progressing to run away along. The matter was money; they delayed so long that their intentions were betrayed. One night in a Gregorian calendar month, Königsmarck visited Sophia Dorothea's palace and was never seen again. It appears clear that he was killed on Ernst August's orders. Sophia Dorothea was inactive. She refused to admit to the criminal conversation; however, she united to a divorce from Georg Ludwig for refusing him his legal right. She was put away within the castle of Ahlden for the remainder of her life, treated with all respect, but allowed no contact with her two youngsters. She died in 1726 when over thirty years in captivity. Georg Ludwig failed to marry once more and was easygoing himself with mistresses. In 1701 the Act of Settlement barred Roman Catholics from the British people's throne. Blue blood Anne became Queen the subsequent year, and Georg Ludwig's mother, Lady Sophia, died in the Gregorian calendar month 1714 at eighty-three, exploiting Georg Ludwig himself as heritor.