Queen Anne of Great Britian

Date of Birth:     Februray 6, 1665

Place of Birth:     London ,United Kingdom

Deposed date:     1714

Father:     James II

Mother:     Anne Hyde

Children:     Prince William, Duke of Gloucester ,and More

Siblings:     James Francis Edward Stuart, Mary II of England ,and More

Grandparents:     Henrietta Maria , Charles I of England and More

Predecessor:      William III & II

Successor:     George I

Date of Death:     1 August 1714

Religion:     Anglican


Anne Queen of Great Britain was born on February 6, 1665, in London during the reign of Charles II. Her father's name was James II. Her mother's name was Anne Hyde. She had been pregnant at least 17 times over as many years and had miscarried or given birth to stillborn children at least 12 times, but all of the children are no more for her. Charles II, the king of the time, insists that Anne and her sister Mary join the religion of Anglicans. Her Sister Mary Married the William III of Orange in 1677. And after this, Anne married Prince George in 1677. The important thing is that Her father was the Younger brother of king Charles who ruled three kingdoms of England. Anne suffered from an antiphospholipid. Because of this, she has had miscarriages with her 17 children. Also, her sister and her husband had no children. Mary died in 1694. Her husband remained alone until he died in 1702. After Anne succeeded, she took a great interest in the affairs of the state. She also liked poetry and music. She passed many laws, such as The act of settlement and the act of security. During Anne's reign, there was the development of a two-party system. Anne got worried about her husband's death in 1708. Anne was unable to run between January and July 1713. At Christmas, she was feverish. That semiconductor diode to rumors of her close-at-hand death. She recovered; however, she was seriously sick once more in March. Anne had lost confidence in Harley; his secretary recorded that Anne told the cupboard that he neglected all business, that he was rarely to be understood, that once he did justify himself, she could not rely upon the reality of what he said; that he ne'er came to her at the time she appointed; that he usually came drunk; last, to crown all, he behaved himself towards her with sick manner, indecency and disrespect. On July 27, 1714, she pink-slipped Harley as Lord financial officer throughout Parliament's summer recess. Despite failing health, her doctors blasted on the emotional strain of matters of state, so she attended two late-night cupboard conferences that did not confirm Harley's successor. A third meeting was off once she became too sick to attend. She could not talk of a stroke on July 30, 1714, the day of remembrance of Gloucester's death. On the council's recommendation, she handed the treasurer's workers of the workplace to Whig noble Charles lensman, first Duke of Shrewsbury. After the death of Anne George, I become the king of England. Because Anne had no child in her life, she lost almost her seventeen children because of a disease. And this disease also caused the death of Anne.